plastic mulch planter, seed planter polyplanter-Jr.
The Polyplanter Jr..
    for sowing seeds either through                    plastic or bare ground
Spacings that can be achieved

  10 head 6"
  9 head 6.7"
  8 head 7.5"
  7 head 8.6"
  6 head 10"
  5 head 12"

Also seeds  can be dropped from every other beak thus  doubling your spacing.
Seed plates below
The Polyplanter Junior is a mini seeder that can be used
by one person. The Junior will enable you to sow numerous seeds through plastic and on bare ground. You can plant seeds as small as coated lettuce and as large as lima beans.

The Junior comes with 10 seed discs. You can plant one seed per drop or 2 seeds per drop. You are also able to adjust the in row spacing from 6" to 30" by adjusting the beaks or an add-on kit. This takes about 20 minutes to do.

The Junior is made from hard durable plastic and is a time saver. It is easy to push at a nice comfortable walking speed and requires no bending over. It weighs less than 25 lb. , so it is easy to carry and push down the row.
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Canadian dealers
We are sold out until October and than we will have 2 new models.