The Polyplanter Jr..
     for sowing seeds either through                    plastic or bare ground

    Seeds can also be dropped in every other beak, thus doubling the spacing.
Seed plates below
The Polyplanter Junior is a hand seeder that can be used by one person. The Junior will enable you to sow numerous seeds through plastic and on bare ground. You can plant seeds as small as coated lettuce and as large as lima beans.

The Junior is made from hard durable plastic and is a time saver. It is easy to push at a nice comfortable walking speed and requires no bending over. It weighs less than 25 lb. , so it is easy to carry and push down the row.

Canadian dealers
8 head converted to a 6 head
The 7 head model
The 10 head modelhere to add text.
The three seed plates on the left are for small seeds like cabbage plus any type of palletized seeds like lettuce and kale or flower seeds. They fit into the insert on the right and than that insert fits into the planter thus cingulating your small seeds.
This kit above comes with the three seed plates and the insert at a cost of $36

The top plate, which snaps onto the bottom plate for shallow depth. This is an add-on
 The add-ons are the top plates, spacer plates, cucumber plates, the muskmelon plates and the three plates with the insert for small seeds.
The top plate is needed for seeds like cabbage and pelleted lettuce seed. The three-piece seed plates with insert is needed for cabbage and small seeds like cabbage.
Spacings for the models

12 head.............5"
10 head.............6"
  8 head..........7.5"
  7 head.........8.75"
  6 head.........9.75"
  5 head.........11.5"
The new planter has some really nice improvements. 1: We have an insert that comes with three plates for very small seeds. 2: A second piece can be added to make it plant shallower. 3: It is easier to change the head from one spacing to another. 4: A part has been added to the interior to give it a better drop of the seed into the catch mechanism. 5: The seed hopper is made out of a much tougher plastic. And one other note, emptying the seeds after you're done planting is still a slight hassle, we are working on this.
Seeds the basic planter can plant are green beans, corn, sweetcorn, peas, soybeans, any large round seed, and all pelletized seeds.
These only work on the new planter.
The 12 head model
Suggestions for crops using plastic

sweet corn 7 or 8 head
beans 10 head 
cole crops 5 or 6 head
cucumbers 12 head
melons 5 head
onions 12 head
lettuce 6 head  
spinach 12 head
kale 7 6 or 5 head
beets 12 head
okra 5 head
We will now be marketing the polyplanter Junior version 2 an easier way, where you can pick and choose what exactly you need and only order those parts. This way it gives you the option for you to do what you want with it and not have any extra stuff laying around that you will never use.

 If you want a combo model, say for example the 10 head and the six head, order the one with the larger number of beaks and then buy the parts for making it into a six head.
Currently the only countries that have shipping added automatically are Australia, New Zealand and USA.
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The following spaces available with the right add-on's
4 head.........15"
3 head.........20"
2 head.........30"
*We will replace any manufacture defects of the Polyplanter Junior at no cost to you.
The Polyplanter Junior can be returned in unused condition for a 15% restocking fee.    

For small growers