Sweet corn responds very well when seeded through plastic.  The seeding units adapted to a well built plastic layer make it a breeze in getting your corn crop in very fast and early(something very hard to do when trying to do it in 2 operations). Sweet corn can be very profitable for 3 very big reasons: 1. an earlier yield, up to two weeks earlier.  2. a better stand, a bigger yield. Example, a variety that would normally yield 1200 dozen should yield at least 1800 dozen per acre because of the plastic. 3. a bigger ear for better marketing. besides easier marketing, a better price can be received for earlier corn. As much as $1 more a dozen or $2000 more an acre. Even just with the yield difference,the gross should be at least $500 more an acre.
Planting sweet corn through plastic can be very profitable
Insecticide units are also available.