An efficient and safe choice

Typically over 7 miles  can be treated in two hours with just 5 litres of spray mix, making it a highly efficient and economical choice. Further benefits include increased operator safety as fewer mixing and filling operations are needed thanks to its reduced spray liquid requirements
Herbiflex 4 in action

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An economical low-volume sprayer for narrow band spraying

Incorporating Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) technology, Herbiflex 4 is a spinning disc sprayer for the application of herbicides in narrow bands.

Highly economical, it can apply CDA formulations or traditional water-based products at total spray volumes of just 10-30 litres/hectare. Herbiflex 4 produces consistently large spray droplets of around 200 microns which minimise the risk of spray drift and fall in a precise adjustable spray pattern.

Herbiflex 4 is available in a choice of spray heads. The A90 head produces an adjustable 10-50cm band width whereas the B120 head is capable is spraying between 15 and 75cm. An optional spray shield is available with the A90 model for spraying sensitive crops.

Designed for narrow band spraying of strips of weeds, it is suitable for a broad range of applications such as general clean up around buildings, borders, pathways and strip spraying (e.g. fence lines,vineyards), as well as for weed control in between rows of crops.

The herbiflex 4  A90 with 2.5 liter bottle and shield is $365 plus shipping.